Barbecued Javelina

Serves 6-8
1 dressed 12-lb. female javelina (wild boar)
1 c. vinegar
2 T. salt
½ gallon water
Salt and pepper to taste
Oregano to taste
1½ t. comino
3 cloves garlic
1 (16 oz.) can tomato juice
½ lemon (juice and grated rind)
½ c. butter
2 T. Worcestershire sauce
1 T. Tabasco
2 T. mustard
3 T. cider vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste

Marinate meat in vinegar, salt and water for 1 hour. Remove meat and rub with salt, pepper and oregano. Grind comino and garlic in molcajete and combine with remaining ingredients in saucepan. Simmer 20 minutes. Cook on covered barbecue grill over mesquite wood or charcoal for 4-5 hours, basing frequently with sauce.

Gazpacho Picante

Gazpacho                                                                  Serves 5
5-6 tomatoes (or 2 16 oz. cans whole tomatoes)
1 large cucumber, peeled
¼ c. bell pepper
½ c. onion
3 T. oil
2-3 drops Tabasco sauce (or more to taste)
2 t. wine vinegar
2 t. cider vinegar
2 t. salt
Pepper to taste
2 jalapeños

Cut vegetables into pieces appropriate for blender. Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. Serve well chilled.