Thirty plus years ago, my then-husband and I worked very diligently to create a Mexican – actually Norteño/Tex-Mex – cookbook for American cooks. Part of the impetus was homesickness and yearning for our beloved regional food. Part of it was to capture the essence of his family’s favorite recipes before they were lost to us. Back then we felt there was a need for an everyday cookbook like ours, and so did our publisher, because when we moved from Texas to New York City, most of the ingredients commonplace down home were nowhere to be found in the city. Not so today when every supermarket routinely stocks tomatillos and tortillas, and any item you can think of can be purchased through the Internet.

So, you ask, what happened to that cookbook? Life intervened – jobs, kids, divorce – and it never left the kitchen. But, even today, I still consult those typewritten (yes, actually typewritten) pages as my ‘bible’ for preparing any Tex-Mex dish.

As many times over the years as I have been asked to share the recipes in the book leads me to think these recipes still have value and I want to share them with as wide an audience as I can.

Pasar bien!


My former husband, Miguel Salazar, is Latino (from San Antonio). This is his photo from the time when we were working on the original cookbook.

Disclaimer: I am not, Latino that is. Doesn’t stop me from knowing my Tex-Mex.

Incline cropped

I am Pamela Gillespie, retired academic librarian, avid traveler, museum-goer and fanatic scrapbooker. My husband and sous chef is Bill, retired postal service manager, fanatic bowler and golfer, and avid co-conspirator.

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